To share or not to share, that is the question…

When I launched my personal training business, I removed most of the training/racing pictures from my Instagram account, and wiped everything from my Facebook page. I didn’t want to be that personal trainer who constantly posts about their training, their races, their personal stuff. I didn’t want to make it about me as a person, as a slow middle-aged woman who tries to keep fit and become her better self. I figured followers and potential clients wouldn’t be interested in my morning run selfie or legs day video at the gym. I am running a business, therefore my social media accounts have to remain professional.

A couple of days ago, my husband suggested that I share my training plans or workouts as I get prepared to my first sprint triathlon in August, and my first Sprint Spartan race in September (more on these two events below!) My first reaction was to say that no one is interested in seeing me sweat, or make a fool of myself, or both. “I am running a business, therefore my social media accounts have to remain professional,” I told him.

His suggestion made me think. I swore to myself I would never become this personal trainer who always posts about their training or gym mirror selfies flexing their muscles. That’s showing off. And that’s not cool. However, I can be this personal trainer who shares her (small) achievements and her struggles to show how human she is. I chose the name “Inspiration in Motion” for a reason: I want to inspire others to get active, in the hope that they will also inspire other people to be more active. It’s a chain-reaction of inspiration.

But how am I going to inspire people if I never share anything about myself?

In other words: I was shooting myself in the foot by wanting to remain ‘professional’.

As I said above, I signed up for a sprint triathlon and a Spartan race to keep me motivated, to give me a goal to achieve. I’m applying my knowledge of periodization on my training. I’m sharing my goal with friends and family to be accountable. And now, I’m sharing my goals with everyone. I’m still just a slow middle-aged woman trying to keep fit and become her better self. But I’m hoping sharing my hopes and struggles will inspire others to take the first step in becoming their better self, too.